Lishanu - autumn 2005

Lishanu • an interlingual haikai journal
Autumn 2005 • Issue 1

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An interlingual Junicho renku in Russian and English
by Zhanna P. Rader (USA) & Norman Darlington (Ireland)

Весенняя ренку дзюнитё
Жанна Коробова-Рэйдер (США) и Норман Дарлингтон (Ирландия)

Drinking from an Icicle
Пьёт из сосульки
gentle breeze -
a chickadee drinks
from a melting icicle
лёгкий ветерок -
синичка пьёт
из тающей сосульки
beyond the hedge a farmer
coupling his plough
дальше за кустарником
крестьянин цепляет плуг
silence as the lights go down
that famous tenor
from the south
гаснут огни, всё затихает -
знаменитый тенор
с юга
a passing cloud
becomes my lover's face
плывущее облако
стало лицом любимой

the envelope
still carrying your perfume
through the years
пахнет твоими духами,
спустя столько лет

fireweed first to bloom
after the forest fire

кипрей зацвёл первый
после лесного пожара
in some distant
galaxy a supernova
в далёкой
галактике взрывается
сверхновая звезда
the wind opens the door
offering us snowflakes

ветер раскрывает дверь
и дарит снежинками

new immigrants
arriving weighed down
by their baggage

новые иммигранты,
with every burger
Buddha's belly rounder

с каждым гамбургером
живот Будды всё круглей

hunter's moon
above a stubbled field
lights up the fox's path

над жнивьём
охотничья луна
освещает путь лисы

leaves take colour
as the earth prepares to rest

листья меняют цвет,
земля готовится ко сну

Zhanna Korobova-Rader (a.k.a. Zhanna P. Rader) was born in Serpukhov, Moscow region, Russia. She graduated from the Library Science Institute in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). In 1972, in Kiev, Ukraine, she married an American professor of Russian history. She came to Athens, Georgia, USA, in 1973, and has been living there ever since. She and her husband have two sons. Zhanna writes variety of poetry and short stories both in Russian and in English. Her haiku have been widely published in several countries. She is the Moderator of WHCRussian haiku forum of the World Haiku Club, and an editor of World Haiku Review.

Norman Darlington is founder of Lishanu journal. He has a particular interest in the development of haikai literature across linguistic divisions, and has participated in a number of interlingual renku, in Croatian, Slovenian, Hebrew and other languages. He is author of the Triparshva, a proposal for a 22 verse renku pattern designed to facilitate a closer approximation of the classical style, than that afforded by other short patterns, published by Simply Haiku at He lives in rural Ireland with his wife and four children.

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